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Wireless Remote Duplicator

RF Transmitter Duplicator 433MHz

RF Transmitter Duplicator 433MHz

1. Model Number: AG063
2. Button: 2/4 buttons
3. Dimensions: 60*25*15mm
4. N.W: 38G...

Product   Details

Wireless   remote control duplicator



Frequency Modulation



4   buttons



Button image

ABCD,1234,Lock/Unlock/Mute/Light   Optional/Other Customized

Led light color

Standard   Blue

Other   Yellow, Red, Green,Purple etc. can be optional.


Fixed:315Mhz/   433Mhz/ 868Mhz/ others


Packaging Details

1). Each one   in a plastic bag or white box
2). Packing can be customized

Production Description


1.4 buttons universal remote control duplicator for garage door, sliding door, auto gate,car alarm,etc.
2.Copy fixed code remote by face to face
3.Easy operation and useful
4.Can continuous repetitive copy use one million times
5.Privacy is strong

Copy code remote control operating instructions

1.Delete the original code

Press the lock and unlock button at the same time for 2 seconds, the LED will flash and extinguish immediately, at this time, keep pressing the lock button, and release the unlock button, continue to press the unlock button for 3 times but within 3 seconds. When the LED flashes quickly, the code has been deleted. Now if you press any button, the LED will not flash immediately, that means the code has be deleted completely.

2.Copy the remote

Make the remote to be copied and copy remote face to face, press the same button of the both remotes at the same time for 3 seconds, the LED will flash quickly, that means the code of this button has been learn. Do the same operation for the other 3 buttons. It can even learn different code remote (same frequency) to one copy remote.

Attention: during the learning, please make two remotes as close as possible, press the button of the remote to be copied a little longer to make sure the code has been learn successfully. 

Adjust the frequency: If the frequency is 433.92Mhz, then copy operation can be done directly. If it is not this frequency, please adjust the frequency to what you want by  non-inductive screw, and then copy. The frequency can be adjust from 280Mhz to 490Mhz. If the remote is with metal parts, then adjust 3Mhz lower to delete the   influence to the frequency by the metal part, for example, adjust 315Mhz to 312Mhz, 433Mhz to 431Mhz. The frequency will be 315Mhz or 433Mhz after the assembling

Application Scope
The RF wireless transmitter is widely used in various anti-theft alarms, security systems, Remote controlling devices,Motor-driven curtain, roller blind door, garage / gate barriers, motorcycle, long-range wireless remote control products, industrial control products.



Our  Company

Shenzhen champions Technology Co., specialized in manufacturing remote control, duplicator, receiver module, transmitter module, Self-power Doorbell, Infrared Beam Detectorand so on.Our organization consists of three main departments: R&D, Manufacturing and marketing. We hire more than 200 employees, including top engineers to invent more innovative and quality products. We have advanced equipment in our factory. At the same time, we ensure that our wireless products and security and protection systems are of the highest standard to meet international market .

Our products are sold in North America ,South America ,Southeast Asia, Western Europe and Africa. Moreover, we can rapidly develop and manufacture wireless RF products as every customers' requirement on OEM or ODM basis.








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    Add: 3F, Building 1, Innovation Industrial Zone, Xintian,Guanlan, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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